sales tips


Main Idea
Selling is the highest paid hard work in the world and the lowest paid easy work.
The exciting thing is the choice is yours alone you can choose whether to make a sales career highly paid hard work or lowly paid easy work.

Supporting Ideas

The advantages of a profession in sales are

■ You have freedom of expression – resourcefulness and creativity are demanded and highly rewarded.

■ You decide how successful to be rather than having an income ceiling set by other people.

■ You face a daily challenge that is both invigorating and stimulating if you have the right attitudes.

■ You have huge leverage – your return on capital and time invested is much better than a capital intensive business.

■ You can make your work great fun, a real adventure.

■ You gain a large amount of satisfaction with each challenge overcome and sale

■ You are stimulated to grow. To earn more, learn more.

—-Tom Hopkins—-